Publish Your Movie On This Site And Earn Money

This is the tutorial to share the movie on this site. First, you download movie torrent on YTS.AM site and upload movies on this site to earn money by watching:

Now login , see your dashboard and click “Movies” label on the left.

Click Add New and you see some fields and you just only completed all field :

Fields name:

1-Add new Movie –> your movie name


3-Template –> put “watchmovie” <– important because is to show post movie online

4-img movie –> image of the movie

5-title movie

6-quality movie –> HD or BluRay

7-iframe movie –>

8-imdb movie

9-time move –>example 1hr:28min

10-trailer movie

11-description movie

and finish.

Share it your movie on social network “Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc ” for earning more money.

If you want help sent me an email :

*Note : You mustn’t publish porn here, you can take banned .*